Keith Boadwee USA, b. 1961

Having studied under Paul McCarthy, Chris Burden, Roger Herman and CharlesRay at UCLA in the late 1980s, Boadwee (b. 1961, Mississippi) has maintained alongstanding interest in artistic practice that is performative, provocative andsocially engaged.

Working extensively between performance documentary, photographic self-portraiture, collage, drawing and oil painting over the past four decades,Boadwee's works combine the aesthetics of cartoon humour with a queersensibility. His work is often directly concerned with taboo, the psychology ofdomesticity and a desire to investigate ideas of propriety - both as they pertain toart historical 'good taste' and heteronormative social structuring.

Boadwee has exhibited extensively between Los Angeles, New York and Europe.His work is included in the collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art, LosAngeles (MOCA) and has been included in exhibitions at the The New Museumof Contemporary Art, New York and The FLAG Art Foundation, New York (as partof a two-person exhibition alongside Nicole Eisenman).