Casper Vonsild Andersen, 'Bite me', 2018 © Casper Vonsild Andersen

OTP short-forms: Casper Vonsild Andersen



An interview with the Danish mixed-media artist, via direct message.

We talk gold grills, Julian Schnabel and what it takes to be satisfied.

OTP What is your name? Where are you based? How would you describe what you do?

CVA My name is Casper Vonsild Andersen. I'm based in Denmark in the city of Aalborg (moved here in summer 2017 from a small village by the west coast of South Jutland). I work for Royal Greenland A/S [Fishing Company] and I’m an artist.

OTP Does your work at Royal Greenland inform your art at all?

CVA No, it’s only a way for me to buy supplies. When mowing to Aalborg, it was very difficult for me to find a job. After a half year, I found out they were hiring at RG so it was the only option I had at that moment. I've just stayed there since. Sadly the factory is now mowing to Germany by the end of 2019. 

OTP What’s important to you?

CVA This idea of being satisfied with my work. I go through a lot of stages of planning whenever I start a project. I find this very relaxing, but they rarely turn out exactly the way I want it to look (sometimes I mess it up real bad!) as a result I always have some kind of creative project going on. I can’t stop and won’t.

OTP How long have you been making visual art? How did you get into it?

CVA When I was a little kid I would draw a lot and build with lego, I think this was an early sign of creativity. I began to hone my skills in art class during high school, that’s when I started to get more serious about painting. Later I started to develop a single style that I was more comfortable with.

Moshed OTP Artist Interview Casper Vonsild Andersen Art Galley Exhibtion London Edinburgh Copenhagen 2019

Casper Vonsild Andersen, 'Moshed', 2018 © Casper Vonsild Andersen

OTP How would you describe that style? Is it consistent with the work you are producing today?

CVA I think so. It is still a mixed media style that I practice and that I am holding onto. I like including different media which can look messy together or that don't blend at first, but then end up as something beautiful and connected. For example ‘Moshed’ was made by creating a load of different layers on top of each other. Acrylic paint, watercolor, oil pastel, Posca marker, charcoal, spray paint, fabric, tinfoil. I ended up with this twisted psychedelic-looking work but I’m really happy with it.

OTP What about ‘Bite me’? Could you tell me a little bit about that? What was it modelled on?

CVA A deer jaw I found, I was inspired by grills, but it was my plan from the beginning that it should end up looking like a jaw from a predator. The original was made from clay and covered in epoxy resin to make it stronger. When I look at the sculpture, it gives me a warm feeling because of the gold chrome colour. I think that imagining it as a predator’s jaw gives a nice contrast to this warm and golden glow it has.  

OTP Do you like to work to music?

CVA I like to listen to a lot of this stuff [].

It increases my focus and loads me up with a unique kind of energy.

Untitled OTP Artist Interview Casper Vonsild Andersen Art Galley Exhibtion London Edinburgh Copenhagen 2019

Casper Vonsild Andersen, Untitled, 2019 © Casper Vonsild Andersen

OTP Who are your favourite artists? Anyone you would recommend the reader looks up?

CVA Yes. Rose Eken - she creates the most amazing ceramics. Just google her, look at all the pieces of art she can create with her bare hands! I’m also a pretty big fan of Klara Lilja - more, beautiful ceramic sculptures.

OTP What about exhibitions? Are there any that have had a particularly large impact on you?

CVA One of the exhibitions I have found most interesting recently was ‘Julian Schnabel: Aktion Paintings 1985-2017’, at ARoS Art Museum [Aarhus]. Some of the works on display had such a calming effect on me, with only a few colours and a very simple motive. Other works, I just found really compelling - for me they really resonated with the style I am practicing right now. Also Basquiat is another one of my favorite artists and it was very nice to see the influence of Jean-Michel in Julian Schnabel’s work.

OTP Any final words for the reader?

CVA Be yourself. That's most important.

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