^ Sophie Larrimore, Doubles, 2019, acrylic on unstretched linen, 191 x 140cm, courtesy of the artist and Rob and Eric Thomas-Suwall.

OTP Collectors Roll: #1

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Three short-form interviews with collectors, discussing works by: Sophie Larrimore, Bennett Williams and Pedro Pedro

We invited self-proclaimed "art ambassadors to the frigid midwest" Rob and Eric Thomas-Suwall, Copenhagen-based curator Jens-Peter Brask and New York-based collector Dan Nguyen to speak with us about three artists they feel are currently under-represented.

Rob and Eric Thomas-Suwall: Sophie Larrimore

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RET-S The piece we chose is Doubles (2019) by Sophie Larrimore [pictured above].


In this work, Sophie uses color, form, and humor to explore a world of twinning through her frequent motifs of poodles and women.


In addition, the format of this piece is somewhat unique, painted on unstretched linen and pinned directly to the wall as a form of almost contemporary tapestry.


^ Sophie Larrimore, Some New Paintings installation view at 0-0 LA, courtesy of the artist and 0-0 LA. Photo: Mariah Wynn @mariah_wynn.

OTP What is it about this painting that you particularly connect with?

RET-S We find it impossible to look at this painting and not be overwhelmed by a sense of play.


Theoretically, play is the active engagement of the creative mind, and in our view, good painting celebrates the birth of unbridled creativity.


There is so much activity unfolding in this scene, from the reclining nudes to the undulating plants to the poodles that are, quite literally, off the leash.


Then of course there’s the vibrant palate and rich textures that are hallmarks of Sophie’s style.

OTP How did you first come across Sophie's work?

RET-S Since we live in North Dakota, we are geographically compelled to seek out art online.


We found Sophie’s work about two years ago through a series of fortunate clicks, stumbling on a gorgeous image of her painting Pastel Towel (2017).


We were immediately struck by the formal composition, striking palate, and surreal humor of the painting. We ended up adding the work to our collection and have been following her career ever since.

Doubles (2019) was included in a show she had in LA and we were so excited to see the evolution of her style and deeper exploration of her process.


^ Sophie Larrimore, Pastel Towel, 2017, acrylic and Roll-A-Tex on linen, 168 x 137.5cm, courtesy of the artist and Rob and Eric Thomas-Suwall.

OTP How does this work fit within your collection more broadly?

RET-S There tends to be an element of subversive surreality to the works in our collection and we often find ourselves responding to artists that are transcending limitations and casting off social norms to explore distinct perspectives.


Sophie’s unique formal process echoes other vivid works in our collection while bringing its own sense of playfulness and élan.

Jens-Peter Brask: Bennett Williams

@brask007 / @bennettswilliams

J-PB The latest work I acquired was by the emerging young American painter Bennett Williams (b. 1989, US) who is based in Brooklyn, New York.

His works are characterised by their distinctive shapes, bold forms and thick black lines. The creation of the paintings often begins with charcoal drawings and Williams often has several oil paintings in progress that he returns to.

^ Bennett Williams, The Bells, 2020, oil on canvas, 214 x 158cm, courtesy of the artist and Jens-Peter Brask.

OTP How did you first come across Bennett's work?

J-PB I recently went to New York where I was introduced to the artist Williams by our common friend Mason Saltarrelli.

I had the chance to visit Williams at his studio and I was extremely drawn by his works, and quickly decided to bring some of his paintings with me back to Copenhagen. 

OTP What is it about these works that attracted you to them?

J-PB Williams practice is centered around oil paintings that work with many different forms and shapes. They are constantly revisited and reshaped and this creates the works' unique visual language.


As the forms and shapes dissolve into each other, they create a meditative state for the viewer looking at the work.


This is what makes Williams' works interesting and appealing to me.

^ Bennett Williams, Fast and Lucky, 2020, oil on canvas, 214 x 158cm, courtesy of the artist and Jens-Peter Brask.

OTP How does Bennett Williams' work fit into your collection more broadly?

J-PB I see a lot of painters finding their own unique language while also challenging the norms and traditions of the painting as a media


Williams' work floats between different genres and this is the kind of work that I find interesting for my own collection.

Bennett Williams is a young artist with a great amount of talent, and I am excited to follow him and his development.

Dan Nguyen: Pedro Pedro / @pedrosname

DN One artist that I would like to highlight is Pedro Pedro. He paints entirely from memory and has a unique approach to perspective and spatial arrangements.


I purchased a large (65 x 48 inches) textile paint on linen piece several months ago titled, Figures Around A Table, 2019.


It depicts five figures sitting at a table covered with various objects such as shoes, cigarettes, food, and bottles, that are common motifs throughout the artist's body of work. 


^ Pedro Pedro, Figures Around A Table, 2019, textile paint on linen, courtesy of the artist and Dan Nguyen.

OTP What is it about this painting that you particularly connect with?

DN The work is well balanced in terms of how the vibrant colors, figures, and items are incorporated into the composition.


There is a humorous aesthetic to the way he depicts these seemingly ordinary, everyday objects.


His recent works are more focused on still life, and he previously painted figures in isolation, so it was nice to see both of these elements come together on a larger scale. 

OTP How did you first come across Pedro's work?

DN I find many artists on Instagram through the other artists and collectors I follow.


One artist usually leads me to another, and that artist may lead me to 3 more, and I just continue down the rabbit hole. It really is such a vast network.


I came across his works in mid-2019 and later that summer, saw more of his works on paper at a group show at The Hole NYC.


^ Pedro Pedro, Tropical Mangos 3 For 99 Cents, 2019, Acrylic on paper, 51 x 61 cm, included in 'Paper View' at The Hole NYC, courtesy of the aritst and the Hole NYC.

OTP How does this artwork fit within your collection more broadly?

DN My collection mainly focuses on figurative art. A good portion of those works are full of vibrant colors so this piece fits right in.


I try to buy works from artists with distinct styles or techniques so that someone without any art knowledge can clearly differentiate them.


Pedro Pedro certainly has his own creative language in which he expresses himself and I don't own anything else like it.

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