OPENING TODAY: 'Murmurings' by Penny Davenport

Exhibition period 17 September - 18 October 2021

For Penny Davenport's debut solo exhibition with OTP Copenhagen, the gallery is proud to present ten new works on paper that expand the artist's treatment of daydreamed landscapes and the complex emotional consequences of our relationships.


Referring to indistinct speech, as well as the soft noise of running water, and the sound of blood as it rushes through the heart, the word 'murmur' evokes a world of mysterious communication and feelings of internal change. The same could be said for Penny Davenport's drawings.


Often covered in feather or downy fur, the characters in Davenport's drawings have bear-like snouts and soft drooping ears. We recognise the characteristics of other animals that are distinctly not us.

And yet, at the same time we also see the uncanny reflection of ourselves in these figures, whose body language and facial expressions suggest an inner life, just like our own. In many ways these works encourage an honest recognition of self, and that can be as comforting and affirming as it can be slightly unsettling.


Join us at the gallery 6-8 pm!

September 17, 2021