OPENING TODAY: 'Secret Signals' by Keith Boadwee and Erica Eyres

Exhibition period 21 January - 6 March 2022

OTP Copenhagen is proud to presentSecret Signals: a two-person exhibition by Keith Boadwee (b. 1961, Meridian, MS; USA) and Erica Eyres (b. 1980, Winnipeg; Canada). Both artists share a background in photo or video-based performance but have in recent years transferred their interest in body politics towards the development of studio-based painting practices. Exploring ideas of gaze and desire, surface and psychological interiority, and humour and sexual taboo, as they relate to contemporary painting, this exhibition marks the first time that Keith Boadwee and Erica Eyres have shown together.

Secrecy refers to those private things which (for the most part) you keep to yourself. Keith Boadwee and Erica Eyres share a broad interest in the sort of subjects that societies deem secretive and the different ways that we might be able to imagine and depict private spaces, nude bodies and personal acts of contemplation.


Join us at the gallery from 6-8 pm!

January 21, 2022